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Rick Heronime - Sr. Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Rick has been actively involved in the retail automotive business for over 30 years.  His experience ranges from the technical, fixed operations and the body shop end, to sales and dealership general management.  Rick has a unique perspective on all elements of the retail operations and how every profit center in the store must work together to provide an exceptional experience for customers and employees alike.

Working many years with a large dealer group, Rick has had the opportunity to experience the variety offered by a diverse cross-section of franchises.  This insight along with a broad range of practical experience gives his clients the benefit of observations, ideas and advice that speak to the real challenges faced daily in automotive dealers.  As a Fixed Operations specialist, he works with his clients to build one "Customer Support" department.

Bob Schreiner - Sr. Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Since receiving his MBA from Pepperdine University, Bob has been involved in the industry for over 20 years holding positions for several manufacturers in the areas of Parts Sales Planning, Parts Pricing, Parts Market Planning and Development, District Management, Parts Promotion and Parts and Service Marketing.  Additionally, Bob has operated in the retail environment at the General Management level.  Since 1994, Bob has applied his educational and work experiences in the role of consultant, having trained over 4,000 Owners, General Managers, Service Managers, Office Personnel and Service Advisors in such diverse courses as Personnel Management, Parts and Service Marketing, Service Management and Parts Management.  Bob's philosophy is "There is a solution to every problem."

The Dealership CSI® Consulting Team

The Dealership CSI Consulting team works hard to increase customer satisfaction by increasing fill rate to the shop, working to improve service efficiency, reducing frozen capital, managing whole sale operations, reducing days of supply, controlling special orders and reducing obsolescence through our very own ORbIT© program. 


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